Boots on the loup

Angel cuivre

Experience has shown us that very few people really know the different parts of a shoe. Shoe has always been considered Fashion’s “poor relation”. Not that it was denigrated but, as an everyday accessory, unfortunately we tend to not understand why and how this is built… and it’s a shame, mostly when you know all […]

The vegetable tanning

blog cover le tannage végétal

What is tanning used for? Tanning is the process of transforming an animal skin into a soft and durable leather, rot-proof and water resistant. How does the skins get tanned? There are two processes: the vegetable process, 100% ecological which uses only organic substances present in the bark, sap, leaves or roots of plants, and […]

The last, the last maker

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What exactly is a last?  It’s a piece of wood (or recycled plastic) representing the volume of the desired shoe. It corresponds to the volume of the stylised foot with the main constraint being ‘the right fit.’  The last can have different appearances — pointed, round or square — sometimes with towering heels. Let’s go […]

Care for your Oodoo boots

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You have chosen our Italian vegetal tanned leather from ECOPELL. No doubt about it, it’s the best. Vegetal tanning is the most environmentally friendly process. It does not contain any chemical substances since it is carried out in baths containing mainly plants. Another advantage and not the least, the vegetal tanned skin is the assurance […]

Goodyear assembly

Le cousu Goodyear

To talk about the stitching of a shoe, you first need to be able to identify its various parts: The part of the shoe that covers the foot is known as the upper. The outsole or outer sole is the part that’s in contact with the ground. The insole or sock is the part of […]