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Experience has shown us that very few people really know the different parts of a shoe. Shoe has always been considered Fashion’s “poor relation”. Not that it was denigrated but, as an everyday accessory, unfortunately we tend to not understand why and how this is built… and it’s a shame, mostly when you know all the work done to make a pretty pair of shoes ! Who would be able to detail the inside of the shoe? Who would be able to explain how it’s laid out in there and how they make our little feet to move comfortably and safely ?

Ok, Let’s go! Little open heart surgery just to explain the inside of the shoe and justify the fact that, Oh yeah…we wouldn’t have believed it, but still, there’s some under it !

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The upper

From the front part to the rear one, we have: the toe, the vamp, the tongue (at the instep), the quarters and the outside counter (back of the heel). 

The insole

It’s a soft leather piece sole placed inside the shoe and in direct contact with the foot. It’s glued from below to the sole. It’s hot stamped with the Oodoo logo.

The sole

It’s another leather piece sole placed under the insole. It’s more rigid and the foot is not in direct contact with, because this sole is used to “graft” the upper, prior step to the lasting. At Oodoo, it is designed with memory foam for total foot comfort.

The cork filling

Special for the Welted construction, it’s an amalgam of cork that fills the space between the insole and the sole. In addition to its insulating function, this filling provides solidity and comfort. 

Montage semelle Oodoo Boots

Hard toe

Inserted between the skin and the lining, the hard toe is a rigid piece to reinforce the toe of the shoe and protect the foot.

The outside counter

Just like the hard toe, they are inserted between the skin and the lining but here, they are placed on the back of the upper to consolidate the heel. They also help to keep the foot in place.

The counter lining

This is a piece of leather in direct contact with the back of the heel, in which the heel will fit comfortably, with no fear of sliding.

The tongue

A leather band attached to one end at the back of the vamp, protecting the foot from the imprint of the laces.

The quarters

These are the inner side parts of the shoe that go from the kick to the outside counter and strengthen the upper and the sole together.

The lining

It’s like a second skin when it’s leather. The lining has two roles: hide the inner seams of the upper and allow the foot to be comfortable, to breathe and absorb sweat.

The outside sole

This is what covers the underside of the upper and on which the heel is fixed. At Oodoo, it’s made of leather and we add our rubber pad for style and durability.

Then you know, all of that is a shoe too ! All these little things that we do not know about but that ensure its safety, hold and longevity.

Long life to your Oodoo Boots !

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